A revolutionary 3D audio engineering software system

That simulates sound in virtual 3D spaces

and allows for audio positioning in any direction.


Within Equilogy's innovative virtual 3D environment, you can produce 3D audio with unparalleled, realistic quality.


All sound produced with Equilogy retains its 3D properties in any surround and stereo configuration.


Equilogy offers a completly different and new approach. It is not a reverberator, nor a convolution reverb, but it is a 3D room acoustic modeling system, using human sound reception physics.

A 3D sound "laboratory" in your studio, using real sound wave pysics!

This presentation was optimised for headphones.
Available NOW! 

Key differences between current tools and Equilogy:

EquilogY 3D Convolution reverberator Standard reverberators
Ability to set the position of the sound sources
Number of different sound sources at the same time 16 1 1
Microphone positioning Full 3D positioning
Microphone direction Freely in 360 degrees
Using it as a mixing tool for 3D positioning (with reverbs and without)
Source positions in 3D like: behind
- Over
- Under
- Distance
Time delay between sound sources positioned in different distances
Change source positions in inch precision
Pre recorded echoes
Predefined echoes
Create your own acoustics every time, uniquely
3D acoustics
Virtual microphone: 3D hearing model, based on human biology and physics
Simple microphone like, artificial sound
Your own custom 3D room
Reconstruct actual pre-existing rooms movie sets and recreate sound and microphone/camera positions
Different versions of 5.1 and 7.1
9.1, 4.0, etc. coming soon
Headphone mode (3D experience even for portable music players)
Recreate 3D mixdowns for different sound systems (surround, stereo etc) with only one click

EquilogY Convolution Reverb Conventional surround and stereo mixing
Ability to set the 3D position of the sound sources Panning only horizontally, without distance or human hearing physics




Equilogy: Much more than anything else: It is 3D!

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